WIMtern Task 3: UPLB Saturday Market

Weekends are so much better when you get to visit your local Saturday Market. There’s honestly nothing more I look forward to on the weekends than this. It just makes my day so much better getting to see all the things they have there. It’s like every week there’s something new and it just keeps getting bigger. The Saturday Market in UPLB is located at the field, near the Student Union (S.U.) Building and Baker Hall. They have clothes, homeware, antiques, plants, books and of course food.

It has become a weekly routine of mine to visit the Saturday Market for breakfast and I always end up getting the same things from the same booths. It’s either champorado with dilis or bilo-bilo with langka (both P35, save P5 when you bring your own container!), plus these vegetarian samosas with chutney (3 for P100, they’re pretty big samosas). The second picture on the top right is where I get my champorado and bilo-bilo from. The samosas I get from the booth of the Hare krishnas, they make the best chutney sauce and a bunch of other really good bread too.  You’ll pretty much find booths that sell all kinds of food, like fresh vegetables and fruits, kakanin, lechon, honey, sourdough bread, other vegan/vegetarian food, etc.

I advise that you come to the Saturday Market as early as 6 am. Maybe even earlier because food starts to run out at around 9 am. So if you want to get the freshest batch and avoid the lines, make an effort to wake up early for it! You won’t regret it! 

You can’t deny there’s something about Saturday Markets that are just so charming, and it draws you in. Maybe it’s the vibe that everyone here has. The mornings are so full of energy, especially in a place Elbi. There’s just this whole vibe about the Saturday Market that makes you all warm and happy. It really makes you want to savor the moment.

Like me, it’s become a routine for most people to come here. It’s become a part of our lives. A thing of the community that really ties us all together. That’s what makes the Saturday Markets so special. Plus getting to spend precious time with yourself or with the people you love makes the food and the entire Saturday Market experience even more special.

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