WIMtern Task 2: The 3 Things I Learned Going into College

It’s easy to feel lost when you’re coming into college. Don’t get me wrong, we all have different experiences in college, but it’s no lie that college can be overwhelming. Just the process of getting in can have atoll on you. I know it did on me. But no matter how overwhelming it gets, you still learn a couple of things along the way.

Lesson No. 1: things don’t always go as planned.

It may for some and trust me, good for you! But I am not one of those people. Let me tell you a little bit about my own college experience. In high school I was an overachiever. I thought that getting into the college that I wanted was going to be easier. You go to review centers, you pick your ideal course/s, and you take your chances at the colleges that you want. I missed ¾ of my chances. I had no one to blame but myself.

I spent nights crying over the results. I never felt more disappointed in myself than I did back then. It was kind of hard to watch people on social media posting their results and hearing them get into their dream colleges knowing I probably had no chance of getting into mine. It was at these moments that all my plans were thrown out the window. And I had no idea where I was going at this point. 

Lesson No. 2: although things may not go as planned you try and find a way to make things work.

For a moment, I was discouraged, I didn’t want to try anymore, but in the end, I found a way to make it work. To be honest, I didn’t get into my ideal campus or course. In fact, I ended up in the last place I ever expected to be. At first, it was a struggle, everything always is. Nothing will ever be easy. 

First few weeks in college was so hard, especially because I was still kind of hungover by the fact that I wasn’t in the position I wanted to be in. But there was still a little bit of hope left in me that I could still come from here and go where I wanted. I still had the option of shifting if I worked hard enough.

Lesson No.3 : you think you won’t change, but change is inevitable.

When classes started, all I could think about was the fact that I did not want to be here. My goal was to do as good as I could possibly do so that I could shift into the ideal college/course that I wanted. I didn’t know that soon enough, I’d start falling in love with my course and at this point, I found myself not wanting to shift anymore. Though others that I know are still planning on shifting and that’s totally fine. It’s their choice. But that isn’t the only change that I meant.

College is bigger than high school and less confined. You’ll meet a lot of different people, very diverse people with different perspectives and outlooks on life. You’ll learn a lot of things by meeting these new people and it’ll change you and the way you think and act. I’m only in my second year of college but a lot of things about me has changed thanks to college, and I really do believe that I’ve changed for the better.

I hope that no matter what stage you are in now, and no matter what challenge is thrown at you, you take something away from the things that I’ve experienced and learned and put it into your own context. Things don’t always go as planned, in fact, things rarely ever do, but that doesn’t mean it has to discourage you and stop you from trying. You have to find a way to keep on going and pushing through. You adapt and you compromise to find a way to make something work. In the end, you’ll find that it has changed you for the better.

*Photos taken with La Sardina 35mm 800ISO* 

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