WIMtern Task 1: Get to Know Me!

Hi! I’m Isha Fojas, 18, college student, and aspiring writer. I am currently taking up my second year of college under BA in MultimediaStudies at UP Open University.

For the past year, I have been trying my best to improve my writing skills and learn to be more confident when it comes to sharing what I write. A few months ago, due to my love for traveling and writing, I started my very own travel blog! Feel free to browse through my other articles! I even tried my hand at freelance writing in hopes that I’d stop being shy and have more faith in myself and the content that I create. Although, my freelance writing experience was short it was a start. Becoming a WIMtern is my next big step.

I’ve had my eye on becoming a WIMtern ever since I’ve learned about it from my cousin who was also a previous WIMtern, inspired by her and with a little push from my friends and family I’ve finally decided to get out of my shy bubble and give it a shot myself. I truly do believe that I am a good fit for WIM. I don’t mind not being paid, honestly, it’s the experience that I’m looking forward to the most. I know the benefits that come with becoming a WIMternand that is more than I could ask for (and way more important than cash if you ask me). Being a student at UPOU has also given me the freedom of handling my own time, making it easier for me to truly commit myself to this internship if ever I am accepted into it (which I really do hope I am). Aside from that, you can trust that when I put my mind into something, I will make sure that I’ll find a way to make it happen.

Take this, for example, becoming a WIMtern is one of the two main goals that I had for this year (the other goal was joining UPLB Mountaineers), I’ve completed one main goal and now I’m here to ensure I cross both goals for this year out of my list. I know, it sounds like a shortlist but it’s a shortlist of big goals and it’s better than having a long list and leaving a majority of it unchecked in my opinion. I am also willing to get out of my comfort zone for this internship because I know that the only way for me to grow and develop is to challenge myself first.  Which is fine because I like a good challenge.

I know that becoming a WIMtern won’t be easy, but a lot of great things don’t come easily. This is one of those great things and I am really hoping that I get the chance to be a part of your writing team because I know that I’ll learn so much from this and I will give back just as much or even more than what I get. Don’t get me wrong, this is not just “some goal” on a list. This is a step to making my aspirations into a reality!

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