6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Japan

Japan is hands down one of my favorite countries to visit! If you had to pick a place to go to in Asia it would definitely be Japan. I’ve been here twice. My first trip was in Osaka and Kyoto (2016) and the most recent one (last month) was in Tokyo. Both times I had a wonderful experience and I already can’t wait to go back. There are so many reasons why people love Japan and why you will love it too!

1. The food!!!

Takoyaki Stand in front of Meiji-Jingu Shrine

Anywhere you eat in Japan will not disappoint. From street food, to convenience store food, to fast food to fine dining. All of their food is great! If you have a tight budget or have a little extra to splurge on something fancy, you’ll definitely never go hungry here.  

2. The people 

Another reason why I love visiting Japan is the people. Majority of them are always willing to help. They also have respect for people’s personal space. Whenever we visited crowded areas I noticed that people tried their best not to bump into you or rush you. Discipline is also a great characteristic of the Japanese people. To them, staying behind the yellow line or passing through a certain side of the staircase is a simple instruction to follow. They’re also very particular about being on time. 

3. They have one of the best public transportation systems in the world

Train ride

Japan’s public transportation system is one of the best in the world, especially in Tokyo. There are so many places to go in Japan and because of their public transport, I think you could go just about anywhere you want in one or two trains rides. If you plan on visiting Japan multiple times I suggest you buy an Icoca or Pasmo card, this way you don’t have to keep buying tickets and it’s yours forever. Plus you could use it anywhere in Japan, not just for train rides but you could buy food and other stuff with it too. 

4. You’ll feel safe 

Japan is one of the safest countries I have been to. They have low crime rates, low enough that they let their children do errands alone. Personally, if I had a child I wouldn’t let them do that, but while I was there I never felt like I had to worry about being pick-pocketed in crowded areas or walking back to the hotel at night or being separated from my family in the mall.

(I would like to say that although Japan has significantly low crime rates, you should always be cautious. You can never be 100% sure, especially in a foreign country!)

5. You’ll always find something interesting

Japan is also well known for its quirkiness. From its different themed cafes, eccentric fashion sense, cute food, and gachapons for literally almost anything, you will definitely find something interesting wherever you go. Simply walk into a Don Quixote and you’d find a hundred weird and intriguing things… like this crying baby mask we found. 

6. The country in general is just beautiful

Me at Senso-ji

I have visited Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo and each of these cities were so beautiful. There are so many amazing sceneries and places to go to and that’s what keeps me wanting to come back. I would love to visit every city in Japan someday and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get tired of it. Every inch of Japan is just beautiful. The towers, the shrines, the trees, everything! Need I say more?

Japan is so full of life, beauty, culture and good food! Why wouldn’t you want to go here? If you haven’t been to Japan yet, you should put it in your bucket list because Japan is a country you wouldn’t want to miss. 

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